by Amelia Vandergast

As an avid reptile keeper, it’s no surprise that I took a particular interest in the reptilian theory and the concept of reptilians as a whole. To me, they’re no more alien than your average household pet. So is it just purely a lack of imagination that we’ve cooked up the image of alien life forms resembling a creature that exists amongst us on planet earth? Or is there actually reasoning behind the theory?

Let’s start with the facts or lack of. There’s an incredible amount of biodiversity on earth, yet each man woman, and animal evolved within the same environment, in the same atmosphere and by the same laws of gravity.

If you had lived your adult life in a cell with no exposure to the world outside until the age of 30 and you were greeted with some of the most unusual creatures on our planet, take the hatchet fish, for example, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was an alien. Yet, humanity has rather pigheadedly assumed the aesthetic of alien life form to look a bit like us, with arms, legs, a skull, eyes and so on. In our imagination, we spliced reptiles with humans and came up with reptilians which have been depicted in sci fi and horror for decades. They haven’t even bothered to contemplate beyond our bilateral symmetry.

Each of our features is a result from our adaptation to survive in this environment. We all know we couldn’t survive in the atmosphere on Mars, so the possibility of Martian life forms who have evolved there will have the same senses, symmetry, and genetic design is completely realistic.

It’s rather unnerving to most to consider something beyond their imagination, although there’s no disputing the fact that we’re merely ants under the boot of existence.
So when NASA claimed to have found an iguana that appeared to be fossilised on the surface Mars, It’s no surprise that I was a little dubious. In this wonderful world of chance, you can find a potato that looks like your man, Jesus can appear on a piece of toast and omens appear to us in tea leaves so why isn’t it possible for a blurred, low resolution image of a rock to depict an iguana?

Now to contemplate David Icke’s famous reptilian theory on this basis seems ludicrous, I’m a great follower of his work and I’m inclined to agree with everything he says right up until he proposes the fact that the Queen of England along with other elite and high profile members of our society are actually reptilians in possession of human skin. The first reference to reptilians appeared on the front of Los Angeles Times with a report into the ‘Lizard Peoples Catacombs’ Yet it wasn’t until 1999 and the appearance of David Icke with his reptile theory that millions of people started paying attention and buying his books. Some coined him a paranoid eccentric for suggesting that reptilian shape shifters have been on our planet since the dawn of time on the hunt for minerals whilst controlling the earth’s population yet a surprising number of people are inclined to believe it. Something tells me his imagination would be better suited to writing science fiction novels than attempting to persuade the world that we’re living amongst paedophile, blood-drinking, satanic reptiles.

Whilst reptilians may not exist, wars, slavery, and repression do yet we don’t have to look further than mankind to find the monster that represses us and subjugates us. Hopefully one day we will discover true alien life forms, until that point, I won’t claim to be able to imagine what they look like. But I’m certain of one thing, it won’t look like my iguana.

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