By Amelia Vandergast.

In modern society we know sinners lie among us, we see them locked away like animals to rot in cells, we spit down upon them just as we’re told to, and America alone harbors 2.3 million criminals for visible crimes that have been committed. But what of the people that operate in the darkness, untraceable monsters that all have one thing in common? They get away with it of course. Most people still believe that the ‘dark web’ is a thing of science fiction and can’t envisage the world that lies beneath the familiar glow of the Google search bar. In reality, Google only contains a fraction of the content that’s available on the dark web.

The dark web is the epitome of its name has made it possible for criminals to not only communicate but to start communities. Those who have dared to delve deep into the dark web such as the hacker group Anonymous have found tales of true horror lurking in its lurid depths. From guides on how to cook women and keep them fresh for longer, to people advertising their hit man services you can find all manner of horrors you can find it all. Yet innocent children are still being lured into it by the opportunity to buy fake ID’s, Netflix passwords and read banned books alongside other literature that the government would prefer if you didn’t have access to.

In 2017, we’d like to think we know all about the dangers of the internet, but stumbling into Malware on the dark web can grant a whole community of pedophiles access to you or your child’s webcam as well as the exact location of your home. Anyone can access the dark web for free with the use of a Tor browser, which allows you to search with complete anonymity beyond the spying eyes of the government. This is where pedophiles fill up their hard drives with child porn via the very well established community of pedophiles who continuously upload their own personal images.

To truly understand the dark web, you must first realize that the universal laws of morality don’t exist on the dark web, people carrying out and contemplating crimes don’t believe that their behavior is wrong or immoral. ‘The Pedophiles’ handbook is free to access to anyone who gains access to the darknet, it tells aspiring offenders how to ‘get away with it’ and how to convince someone to commit the act if they’re contemplating it.

Sex traffickers spend hundreds of millions of dollars posting ads and reaching out to children to be sold into the sex trade, and its working. In 2016 alone the rise in reports of human trafficking has increased by a staggering 35%, now there’s a statistic you won’t find in the mainstream media. Why? Because the Dark Net is only possible due to the Government funding sites such as Tor for their own agendas.

Sure, they made out it was a massive victory when they took down two black markets off the dark web which they claimed to be the largest, but there was no mention of the sex trafficking and 101 guides on how to become a great pedophile, with over 80% of the content on there relating to pedophilia, you’d think that would be the government’s number one agenda. You might want to think again. The picture I illustrated at the start of this article was the cast iron stereotype of criminals that we still believe are the real threat today. We hold our phones a little tighter if they pass us by and believe they’re the only monsters that walk amongst us.

What about the Elite pedophile rings that have been taking generations upon generations of children as slaves?! Where children are taken away from their mothers and have “owners” instead. The elite were made up of politicians, law enforcement officials, lawyers, CEO’s, anyone with cash to burn. A project carried out by the Free Thought Project determined that amongst the global elite paedophilia is rife, especially right here in America. In June 2017, 238 people were arrested in connection to the pedophile ring that had been operating for years, right under our noses.

It doesn’t matter how safe you think you and your loved ones are, you could always be safer. Stay vigilant, stay educated and spread the truth.

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