I know you have probably heard a lot about time travel and other amazingly true stories which you probably discarded as lies, well the truth is they are not lies Project Pegasus as well as several other classified missions; hardly ever talked about; have been conducted by us government, in this article, I hope to unravel the truth on Project Pegasus, so sit back and relax as I unravel this mystery.

Following the increased involvement of the united states in the great world war 2; during which it suffered huge losses, a need to invest in new forms of weaponry arose, the united states government decided to invest in diverse defense-related research programs, the united states government decided to conducted research on time travel using project Pegasus, findings made during these research projects were reported to the president of the united states government along with the intelligence community and military.

Under the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency [DARPA], Project Pegasus was conducted between 1968 to 1972. Young children were used majorly for the research although in some cases, adults were also used. Using space technology built gradually over years at a top-secret lab room in a United States navy ship known as the USS destroyer 1134, subjects were teleported through a shimmering energy curtain back in time.

In may 1970 eyewitnesses reported seen the USS destroyer disappear on the Atlantic ocean it was later discovered a few weeks later close to the port of Venice, the Project Pegasus yielded a lot of progress and was also able to make the ship invisible to the radar of other ships so it could secretly convey weapons and armory around the gulf sea without been spotted, it was also able to successfully transport its subjects back in time to the 1800s.

Andrew D. Basiago, Nicolas Tesla, and Andrew Webre were all involved in this experiment and have all given their accounts on their involvement in this experiments, now I know a major question probably popping through your mind right now is where exactly did they go?

Several of their voyages returned them back to different periods in time, between 1800 to 1875. Now, this voyages, also had a lot of side effects on the subjects and in some cases the ship as a whole, during some of the experiments the subject returned before some of their body parts there was also a case where the subject returned with his head stuck in a wall two decks below the lab room.


Eventually due to the different hazarded involved in the different experiments been conducted the us government decided to gradually shut down the project, has a need for this forms of weapons had declined following the end of world war 2, a new push for research into a new form of weaponry; the nuclear weapons; had gradually arisen due to the indirect confrontations between the united states government and the soviet state of the USSR, also known as the cold war.


Finally I know a lot of people wonder what the impact of Project Pegasus was but the truth is the story is very far from over currently a new Project Pegasus is been led by Andrew Basiago himself, to campaign for the united states government to publicly disclose its teleportation technology, which would benefit humanity as a whole and make transportation both on earth and throughout the cosmos instantaneous and a lot easier. Eventually I believe the truth about Project Pegasus will be revealed for all to see and there will be no more doubts about it.

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