The legend of Dajjal and apocalypse has been spread by generation to generation. The legend says that the Dajjal will be blind in one eye and will have one powerful eye. He will have weird feet, curly messy hairs, dwarf-like height and he will be ugly as hell.

It is believed that he will appear in the areas of Iraq and Sham. The legend says that there will be a year when the ratio of rain will drop to half and the production of crops as well. The next year the ration of production of crops and rain with drop down to the other half. And the third year, the rain and production of crops will be completely stopped, the animals and other creature will die of hunger. At that time he will appear on the earth.

He will claim to be the God but will actually be a demon. The most dangerous and evil of them all. He will be so powerful that he will be able to reanimate the human corpse and other dead creature. He will ask people if they need food, if they need their parents back or if they wish for anything else. He will be ready to fulfill their desire if they accept him as their God. If someone agrees to him, he will make a duplicate of their parents or animal and show them that they are back on the Earth. However, the animals and the parents are itself demons of his army.

He will come with a heaven and a hell by his sides. The heaven with the flowers, garden, and all the sources will be an illusion and in fact, that will be the hell. While the hell with all the fire will also be an illusion and in fact, that will be the heaven. Any person who will accept his offer and join his heaven (that is hell in fact) will become one of the demons of his army.

Additionally, he will have a pet donkey. His donkey will also be one of his demons. He will build an army of his own and he will kill all the good people on the Earth. However, there is always a hope. A Prophet will land on the Earth to kill him and save the people. Prophet will also be there at Iraq or sham to defend him and will live for 40 years after finishing him.

The legend says that Dajjal is still alive and he is living on the Earth, somewhere. Besides Bermuda Triangle, all the places of the earth have already been discovered, explored and keenly observed. So, It is believed that he is somewhere at Bermuda Triangle and he will have the magnetic powers like the place itself.

So, you need to be aware and safe!

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