What happens to our bodies after death? People are researching this topic for years. That is why anything associated with supernatural power attracts everyone the most. In our childhood, we all heard various kinds of blood-curdling ghost stories, but no one knows the truth behind these stories. But today we are going to explore a real place of India which is restricted because it’s haunted.

This is the story of the Bhangarh Fort, a forsaken town in Rajasthan. It is going to give you a real hustle because this place is known to be one of the most significant possessed places in the world. This beautiful architecture is found on the border of Sariska Tiger which is reserved in the Aravali range, and it has already converted into the best tourist destination as so many mysterious yet attractive stories are associated with this place. So if you are an agog traveler, you should visit this site once to pacify your thirst and to experience spine-chilling thrills.

What are the stories behind this haunted place?

The story of a cursed town

No one can roam in this place after sunset. Do you know why? It was the story of the 17th-century when an ascetic Guru Balau Nath used to meditate in this area. He was respected by everyone because he was blessed with numerous mysterious powers. Once, King Madho Singh decided to build a fort in this area so prior to construction he went to take his permission because he was aware of the psychic power of that saint.

Eventually, the King got permission on one condition – the shadow of the fort should not touch the Guru’s prohibited retreat. Otherwise, the city would turn into dilapidation. He further added all the houses built in this particular area should be shorter than his habitat. According to an old myth, Guru Balu Nath ruined the whole town because somehow the rule was violated. The grave of Guru Balu Nath is still found there.

A wicked magician and a beautiful princess

Once a sacrilegious Tantrik or a black magician named Singha fell in love with the beautiful princess of Bhangarh, Ratnavati. Ratnavati was immensely attractive as well as remarkably intelligent. Singha knew that Ratnavati would never accept his proposal, but he was determined. So, at last, he made a wicked plan.

To decoy the princess, he used his supernatural power and put a spell on the oil usually used by her. Eventually, it turned into a loved poison. Even just one touch of that oil would make the princess surrender to him. But the astute princess understood everything and poured that love potion into the ground. Singha, the wicked tantrik got killed on the spot. But before dying, he cursed the entire town.

What is the present situation?

No one is allowed to hang out here after sunset. You’ll find a board placed by the Government at the main entrance of this fort which strictly indicates that after 6 o’clock no one is allowed to stay there.

According to Hinduism if someone doesn’t get satisfaction in life roam on that place after death where he or she was buried. The same thing happens here.

People often heard strange noises and laughter in this mysterious place like the sound of bangles, screaming and crying of a woman. Even people also heard someone’s whispering voice and surprisingly that time they felt a strange smell of something. These unusual sounds of music and dance are prevalent here. However, the most petrified thing is whoever stayed here at night never returned in the morning.

Apart from these stories nature’s beauty bestowed here. So if you are a fearless explorer, you should unmistakably visit this place once to enjoy the thrill of the world’s most significant haunted place

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