The 3 A’s Linked to Ancient Alien Theory: Conspiracy, or not?

Most people have assumed that ancient text or biblical writings describing God-like monolithic beings descending from the sky were simply myths. Belief in miracles has long since gone out of fashion, and our overly rational minds sometimes have difficulty accepting the unexplainable. Many people have tried to fill in the gaps for us, sometimes with elaborate stories allowing for strange anomalies unearthed over time, in an effort, no doubt, to offer proof. All these elaborate “proofs”, however,seem to have done the opposite of convincing anyone of anything. In fact, the only thing doubters seem convinced of is that it’s all a bunch of conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, filling in too many unknowns with colorful hypotheses caused complete dismissal that overlooked the reality of physical evidence that spawned these fanciful stories.The Ancient Astronaut Theory was one of them. Here are 3 physical examples that make us wonder if we’re alone in the universe, and have been visited already, a very long time ago:

Ancient Artifacts

Saqqara Bird: Discovered in Egypt in 1898, this ancient bird dates back to 200 BC. Its wingspan is 7.1 inches and weighs 1.38 oz. This aerodynamic glider seems to closely resemble an aircraft at a time when no aircraft should’ve existed. Some even claim, if it weren’t for its missing tail wing, it would be a dimensionally accurate depiction of a model airplane.

Ancient Artwork:

The Nazca Lines: High in the desert on a Peruvian plateau lay a vast, 500-mile long ancient drawing of animals, humans, geometric line and shapes, massive in scale. Some are more than 600 feet across, and only visible from the sky. Now, how did the Nasca people do that way bay on 300 BC, and who were these drawings for, since none of them could actual see them?

Ancient Architect:

Thai of Easter Island: Far along the coast of the PolynesianIslands are887 giant human-like statues with massive heads. They’re 500 years old, and weigh more than you can imagine. At 13 feet high weighing 14 tons apiece, how did the Polynesian’s carry these incredible structures across their coastline? Who were they greeting on their shores with these megalithic creatures?

These are just a sampling of numerous physical findings of the unexplainable dating back to ancient times. It makes you stop and wonder: is it all conspiracy, or did the Ancient Astronauts actually exist?

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